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Monday, June 30, 2008

June Brides!

June was a month for memorable weddings.

We started out with Ed & Edwina. It was all about family. They all gathered together at the altar and by golly everybody got married. His kids were there. His parents were there. Her nephew, all the way from Ireland, was there. And eldest son produced his blackberry and held it out by the couple during the ceremony - he had phoned Dublin and reached the bride's parents, so don't you know they were there, too. Lots of happy tears.

Next were Jerry and Jennifer. By the time this gentleman finished reading his vows - written especially for his bride - I was ready to marry him myself. They were just beautiful. As was the bride. These folks are the kind of people that make our work so fulfilling! We've made new friends, and I'm thrilled they are coming back this winter to visit some more.

What do you do when a wedding photographer gets married?
Well! You provide him with the most exquisite setting and let him work. :)

Ok, we did take a couple hundred pictures and portraits of Jacob & Jessica, but this is certainly one of my favorites.