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Friday, July 10, 2009

Facebook Friends get married at Timberwolf Creek!

This was more fun for me than I can tell you.  Ok, it's not like I had a facebook friend who decided to get married here.  Instead, it was a bride who had booked her wedding at Timberwolf Creek, and then became my facebook friend.  By the time the wedding day came around, it was like we'd known each other forever.  What a fabulous treat to be able to perform your friend's wedding!  I hope to see lots more of Mike & Kathy, and also the great friends they brought with them.  It was a great bunch of warm, loving people and plenty of laughter to go around.  What a pleasure!

Wedding Cake under Towering Trees

The weather has been so cooperative that we've been able to set up the wedding cake table right here in Brigadoon Cove.  How sweet is this?  What a spectacular setting to toast your marriage!

By Request - a cream, white, and green bouquet

Our English bride sent a request for a bouquet of green, white and cream colors. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to do this! But it came out so pretty, she said she wished she could keep it always. Music to my heart. :) And it is a really lovely bouquet - this won't be the last time I use that combination of colors.

Brides Breeze in this Summer!


It is an amazing summer full of wedding couples, from all over. 


Starting with our first summer bride, in June, everything has been picture perfect.  And I have to tell you, when Michelle burst into song while reading her vows to BJ, every eye was misty.