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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why yes, that is a kilt. And yes, that most certainly is a fairy princess, as well. Mark & Niamh came to us from Scotland and Ireland and made all my dreams of fairytale weddings come true.

Mark looked brilliant in his formal black kilt and Prince Charlie jacket, and -a stroke of luck- his gold boutonniere precisely matched his gold satin ruche tie. His sporran and skene dhu in place, shod in ghillies and flashes on his hose, the man was picture perfect, right out of a magazine. (Being ridiculously handsome didn't hurt anything.)

Niamh nearly took my breath away. She explained to me that her name (pronounce Niev, rhymes with Chicken Kiev) does indeed come from a fairytale. In the tale, Niamh, a fairy princess (told ya) falls in love with a mortal man. That part of the story has certainly been reenacted here. She's such a rare beauty and in her exquisite gown, as she emerged into the clearing... I fully expected a unicorn to follow her.

The couple was charming, everything was very relaxed, in spite of the formal attire, lots of laughter and True Love in the air.

They told me that our place reminded them of the chapel at Gougane Barra, in Ireland. High praise, indeed. And to find out that place was second choice, oh be still my heart. (And my puffed up ego! Compliments like that go straight to my head.)

It was a real pleasure to be part of such a beautiful ceremony. Thank you, Mark & Niamh.
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Monday, September 22, 2008


We have so much fun with some of our wedding couples. They just get zany. We love it, and many times, it gets caught on camera. Here's a few of my favorites from this year so far...