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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Smoky Mountain Outdoor Wedding Chapel

The Primrose Path

Yes, I know, it's too early to plant in the Smokies, and we're supposed to wait until after Mother's Day. I've never been good at waiting... So, assured by the folks at Painter's Greenhouse that the pansies and primroses were hardened off and ready to go in the ground, I buzzed over there and bought all I could stuff into the car and get home! The brides officially have a Primrose Path now, all the way to the chapel.

As soon as I got back to Maggie Valley, I started planting... no time left in daylight for pictures! But all those flats of primrose and pansies went into that half-acre of ground. Today -in the pouring rain- I ventured back to get some snapshots. Mind you, I'd never have attempted this with the big fancy wedding camera equipment! Nope, it was my handy little Pentax. Not quite a disposable, but if the rain destroyed it, I wouldn't have to cry myself to sleep. Off I went!

Stepped under the shelter of the little garden shed's porch when the rain kicked in.

I love how the Great Rhododendrons encircle the wedding cove.

When the downpour subsided, it was time to peek at how the plants had fared. The pansies were eating it up. And the Japanese Maple is in bud-- Hooray, spring! Loved finding raindrops suspended on every budding branch...

And how's this for beautiful: the creek is really racing in the rain storm - gorgeous whitewater!

What an incredible setting for a spring wedding. Next one's in six days! Sigh -wonderful.

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